Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer school

Wow Summer school!

I am taking summer school for the first time since I started studying and i just realised a couple of dilemmas about it. I honestly did not know how compressed and time consuming it is. but again i have always had time to engage in activities during the summer that this was a new adventure.

I registered this summer to take a calculus course because I could not take it during the spring semester. My class starts at 5:30pm and is supposed to end at 9:40pm but sometimes we stay till 10:00pm. I like my class, we started with over 15 students and now we have 6 students left due to the difficulty level of the class which I'll explain later; a couple of students had to drop the class. Our professor Mrs Travis is really friendly and interactive. Most of the students are taking this class because of deadline requirement's for various career disciplines like pre-med school, engineering, veterinary etc. Although most of the students had to drop the class at the beginning before the test it was a lot of fun. we will tease each other and make jokes together with the professor. Since it is a night class it is always so cold but the interaction between students and questioning with the professor gave us all the heat we needed.

I was more surprised with the nature the class was because covering two chapters a day in a mathematics course and maybe 3 or 4 by the end of the week is a lot of work. For those who are familiar with summer school , these chapters comes with at least 10 questions per section and just keep adding. While your getting comfortable understanding one topic the professor it's already on topic three. normally it is assumed that when a student sign up for summer school there should expect all these but this is my first time and that is why i am blogging. also no disrespect to other majors but i believe summer school will be easier for arts subjects or fitness courses not hardcore science subjects.

So far we have taken three tests and i will reveal my grade on Tuesday July 7th 2009. keep Reading and wait for more, thanks for checking me out.



lionel said...

Nice sound track "ENYA" interesting blogg.blogging seems to be a fun past time. its nice though. lets see how smart you are. waiting for those grades.

lauradbeautiful said...

thanks for ur comment..I am starting to blog and I am unsure of what steps to take. If you have been doing this for a while or have topic suggestions please let me know. Thanks so much

peace said...

yah really nice sound track. used it as my bed time melody. lol

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