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This blog post was inspired from the arguments I read on the comments posted under the previous post 'CAREERS'.

The 'vision' I talk about in this blog is the ability to create a foreseeable future for ourselves. Lol I don't want to get too deep in this blog but please let me freestyle a little bit. There is a powerful documentary called ' the secret' which one of my current mentors encouraged me to watch lately and even though I had this idea to blog about vision, watching this documentary sort of complimented most of the things I had envisioned (N.B 'envisioned') to discuss about in this topic. I want to also stress the fact that when I talk about vision, am talking about envisioning a reality, within reach, feasible, a possibility of the type of life we want to live or the type of person we want to become in the future. Each and everyone know their ability so by the time you finish reading this blog do not dream above your capacity, I caution!

There is a nature/universe theory that delivers like the bible theory "you reap what you sow". this theory barely states that; when you put in a 100% in everything or anything you are committed to achieve, whether it is raising your child, completing a course/school, helping a stranger, following doctors orders, singing..Etc anything! If your hard work does not reward you, then somehow NATURE/UNIVERSE will! Somehow the world will reward you, something unexplainable will happen to you that will be your reward. I can tell you that I have become a firm believer in this because I have seen how this manifest itself to those who were a 100% committed to their task.

When we have a vision to become something or to do something in our life, we are unlocking the number one secret in the whole world! A secret that all the great men on earth shared, a secret that transcends every race, religion, work of life or culture. The bible say and I quote

"Everything that is borne of desire
It is borne of reality"

The secret is envisioning yourself as what you will want to be with a thought, a desire, a dream and the world will gravitate towards that thought, that desire and will get you where you want to be. You know; all these great inventors and artists, businessmen had a vision of what they wanted to do then set out meticulously with a positive attitude to get where they wanted to be. I introduced the nature/universe theory because the powers that get you to acquire this reality are not of your control sometimes but of the world's.

Obviously even though we can establish that your thoughts will become reality there are certain conditions that you will need to maintain to attain these desires and visions. I envision myself as a very successful man someday, that is the first step, from the moment I make that commitment I send out a radioactive signal to the universe through my thoughts that ABEN wants to become a successful man, the universe then gravitates towards me and it is now left to me to go towards this VISION and grab it because it is mine. You create your own universe. Then the obstacles start coming in, you have to keep your focus, thoughts and desire on the price regardless because you have now signed a pact with the universe so you better be giving your 100%. Sometimes your number one obstacles are the "naysayers' (some of them are reading this blog right now). Think only of positive thoughts people! From this point forward we are all in this together. the moment you start doubting yourself or discouraging your ability then things start gravitating towards you in that manner. Think of the universe as 'Aladdin and the Lamb' whatever your wish is the Djinni (Genie) will grant it!

Let’s do some exercises. When you doubt or wonder, to remain in this positive mindset think of happy thoughts we all have our own, mine is my nephews I think of the time I spend with these little angels, children are so peaceful or I take a look at pictures with my happiest memories and so on. Also when in distress, when you just had a fight with your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, after that fight to let the situation diffuse faster get a pen and paper and write down all the things that are wonderful about that person. Write down things you are grateful for, IT WORKS PEOPLE! IT WORKS! Visions do not occur in the future take a pen and paper and write down things you want to become now!

So far when we talk about vision and the nature/universe theory we have hit on all the sequences, because when you think of it goes like this;
    1.) ASK; this is where you visualize what you want to be .                  2.) ANSWER; though invisible nature has already responded, put in your 100%. 3). RECEIVE; the hardest part, stay focus till you arrive you desired place.
I want to say if you are out there with a dream please keep dreaming and believe you have already reached there. When you live in this manner it will only be a matter of time…. I wish each and every one of us the best in our various paths and may blessings keep coming your way.

Thanks for reading; I will always be humble by your responses. THANK YOU.


Anyi Lady Truth said...

Your a very good writer.

waggigi1 said...

Aben great write up.
I learnt for the first time the great universe theory but I can't say I believe in it you know. However I believe in vision, I believe in hard work!

Understandable, there are always going to be obstacles in the pathway to success, things beyond our control, but with determination we would reach the top.

I am aware of obstacles, but not as much as my goal. I do all in my powers to succeed but that is just 1%, 99% depends on God. That is why even when I don't do enough, He still guides me to success.

Ekene Chukwu

Frank EE said...

This is a young man with all his senses construed rightly. I greatly admire his take on life and have every encouragement in his ability to let others see that view.

assidine said...

Very inspirational article you have right there. I love your confidence, optimistic and positive spirit. I always go by the universe theory. Some people might find it retarded or stupid. But the thing is those negatives vibes will never affect my believes. I have always been knows as a dreamer. I am a big believer. That’s the reason why I dream big and I am very determined. Because a dream without determination is a dead dream. I know I can accomplish my goals.

AFA CHE said...

This is amazing..First time hearing of the Universe theory.. and from what I just read.. it all makes sense now and definitely a firm believer. Aben you are definitely a great writer,very smart and inspirational, love the way you look at life. The most inspirational part for me from what you wrote is what you mentioned about writing things down, especially after a fight with anyone, it dont matter who..I personall think and agree with you it does work all the time.

Big Sister said...

My Little Bro.
My the Lord continue to bless your efforts,good job,well written,i pray and cover you with the Blood of Jesus,Amen.

Mangoua naha elvise said...

One thing that makes me proud as i go via your blog is that i spent 7 of my secondary school and high school years with you and i know so well what u are capable of.Hillary this is a wonderful job.
These words contain alot of wisdom and i must tell you that i've learned something reading all these....So inspirational.Just keep going!!

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