Friday, July 3, 2009

Life! TOMORROW MIGHT NOT BE! with all the emotions surrounding his death MJ still makes me cry. I understand he is a celebrity but sometimes i felt like i knew this man and that breaks my heart. The media coverage has been balanced so far but I still feel like there is so many negativity out there. I think MJ owed us only his music that was the talent God put him on earth to display. he gave his all into the music, let us celebrate that. We all have done crazy things in our past and we could not walk in his shoes .

I'll miss him dearly but i will be console by his beautiful melodies.


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Big Sis said...

May God continue to Bless your efforts and give you more wisdom,MJ was a God-sent,and i personnally think he achieve his goal here on tis sinful world,and now he is with our HEAVENLY Father,so lets not stop praying for him,especially the kids.

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