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Am I proud? Yes.

It will also depend on what we are talking about. See when I think about pride, I remember my religion classes in the lower sixth science class of Bishop Rogan Minor Seminary. You see 'pride' is one of the seven deadly sins of the Roman Catholic Church. I remember all the arguments I had with my spiritual director, Fr. Basile Sede (I hope he is reading). To cut the whole argument short I concluded that depending on what you are viewed as pride can be a good thing or a very bad thing. Hence mathematically your reputation is directly proportional to the way your pride is viewed: (+ve/-ve). In this post based on which reputation of me you have then you might conclude either way. Now the humble approach is what society or people will expect from us. That is why Humility is the direct opposite to pride according to the Roman Catholic doctrine, while pride is a deadly sin; humility is one of the heavenly virtues. We all came from different backgrounds and based on inexplicable factors we are certainly different. I think character traits like arrogance, confidence, ego might get intertwined with being proud but for those who can single them out, being proud is unique and can occur independent of these other factors. Reputation is a very delicate subject and since it is an opinion it will differ from one point of view to the other, hence we cannot really talk about reputation as a standalone as it is more complex to me than pride.

Your pride should only come from your potential, your ability to conquer any circumstance and nothing else! not your parent's wealth, not your past accomplishments, nothing but your potential, knowing who you are, what you can achieve...when I talk about being proud am implying solely on what I know am worth and can achieve in my life, PERSONAL PRIDE, jay says “ put me anywhere in God’s green earth and I’ll triple my worth” and yes I get obsessed with myself when I can see my potentials and possibilities, and since I spent a lot of time crafting and thinking about them, my pride easily goes into arrogance, disrespect, or being rude. The truth is when my pride goes down this negative path I feel pathetic and I always make efforts to change lanes; Now that am a little older, (cause I cannot think of a time when I did not believe in my potentials) am a little more prudent and have learned to listen and make constructive criticisms and also accept them. Imagine that am in a small village in Africa thinking I can make it regardless of my surroundings, then how will I feel when placed in the motherland of opportunities USA! From that perspective.....come on now sky should be the limit.

We sometimes coadunate pride with stubbornness the reason being that most people who are proud rarely listen to advice. That might be true; see in my household my sisters consider me to be very stubborn sometimes because there are certain decisions I will not let my family make for me. my thinking at the time really comes from my pride, even though I know these people are telling me these things out of love, I have enough confidence on my ability to pull through this alone. My favorite rapper JAY-Z says and I quote;

"I ain't never ran, never will
I never asked for nothin I don't demand of myself
Honesty, loyalty, friends and then wealth
I tell you what else
I tighten my belt 'fore I beg for help
Foolish pride is what held me together through the years
I can't say I've never knelt before God and asked for better cards at times to no avail
But I never sat back feelin sorry for myself
If you don't give me heaven I'll raise hell'
Til it's heaven"

Look when you make your own decisions based on your potentials either way that decision goes it is a win-win for you. The worst thing that can happen is failure but if you fail because of a decision that you made, it would be way easier to pull yourself up and continue. If you doubt you potential and listen to some other person and you fail, you will somehow blame that person for your failure and your journey to recovery will be much harder.

Our reputations should be based on facts to me, like if you get into an argument about who is the best in the NBA, Kobe or Lebron? I think Kobe is the best based on facts/statistics but Kobe's reputation will make Lebron win that argument 6 out of 1o times. So if you think am proud in a negative way or pretentious, why don't you proof me otherwise? Like that is my take on all this reputation and pride argument. We can all be proud or claim to be what we are not, but if you’re running your car on empty gas soon it will stop and everybody will know you’re a fake, a poser. The pride you portrayed will turn into your demise! Let’s not get this twisted before I continue I want to make it absolutely clear that recognizing another person's accomplishment is one of my greatest joy. If I have ever been a 'hater' then I was probably misquoted or we don't see eye to eye in the first place. No apologies! So if I say am proud and based on the reputation you have of me, it bothers you then you will have to prove to me am not who I say I am. We all know reputation builds on gossip; I cannot control gossips, so I don't worry about gossipers, show me the facts and I will drop my pride.

It always becomes clear to me when I see a more successful person where my pride came from. To be honest with you the first thing that cross my mind is ' wow he/she is great or accomplished, now let see how he/she got there and do better' so I approach that person with all the respect that he/she deserves with the intention of learning how they did it and doing better. I think we must accept that no matter what you can accomplish somebody else might do the same or better, and there will be people who will always have something you cannot achieve. I live and believe this so it is a total waste of energy to envy a more successful person.

I know the jury out there will disagree with my take on pride and just like the church paint it as devilish trait. But am letting you know in this blog: please people live a proud life, please live a very proud life. See you do not understand how hard it is to live a proud life, it means you must be at the top of your ability at all times because everybody is waiting for you to fail, but see your pride will always keep you on top. wake up in the morning look yourself in the mirror and tell that figure in the mirror that " Am the best in what I do, I will be great today, I will be awesome' live your life like this and I guarantee you all those big obstacles you use to wonder how to deal with, they will reappear with solutions on how to deal with them and crush them. Live a proud life; yes you are from Africa so what? Show them that African values are the best by being the best! No matter your religion, race or circumstances am begging you to live a very very very PROUD LIFE. Those who are your doubters now will reconcile with you later when you are at the top you will see!

I am going to let it breathe for a little bit here, lol


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peace said...

talking on the issue of pride,being a catholic,we belief in humility rather than pride. but in a way i think pride and humility kinda work hand in glove. that is if an individaul can work with the thing here is, be proud of who you are, your achievements and all that, but stay humble.our society gives a lot of respect to peolpe who have it all but still have that humility in the saying goes "pride comes before a fall".often times we misundrstand the word pride and that leads so many of us aben said pride can be positive or negative.too bad for us pride is never looked at, on a positive point of view and that is because so many peolpe turn to be arrogant,and some times really look low on others. for that reason and many others i think being proud and humble together makes a peson bether because you turn to respect others despite your position, achievement or your person. i think it is a very beautiful thing to always want to be like some one you admire or may be better,but it will be more wonderful if you do those things for yourself and not because you want to prove a point.pride can be a positive thing to help keep yourself esteem,a person can be proud of an achievement and so on,but staying humble makes you a bether person not only to youself,society but also to God.Jesus christ was a very humble person during his works on earth in everything he did.anyways like you said it all depents on individual judgements, but i still think you will have a lot to gain as a proud but humble person despite all your all than just be a proud person.

August 17, 2009 10:35 PM

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